The Erias middle distance triathlon - 3rd August

By PaulChristie on 15 August 2013

I headed to North Wales on the Friday with Sarah (kid free as with grand parents) and went straight to register at the event to save time the following morning, were also meeting up with two friends (Dylan and Jo) as Dylan was also doing the event with me.

 On arriving we took a walk on the beach front and was mightily impressed with the condition and beauty of the beach, coming from Southampton we have shingle beaches so seeing all the sand is always a delight. After a quick paddle in the water we headed to the Snowdon Ranger hostel where we were staying.


As you can imagine, the hostel is basic, but clean and very friendly and would recommend to anyone, with the main attraction being the glacial lake 20 metres from the front door, so Friday night we all went for a swim.

We were up at 06:00 Saturday morning to fuel up on porridge and put our race tattoos on and then headed to Colwyn Bay.


I was pretty nervous over the swim as previous Sea swims have been hard going due to the waves, and had never done one in an event, but the conditions were smooth, and the two laps of the course went well completing the swim in 45 minutes.


Straight onto the bikes I new we the first part was all uphill, but didn’t really appreciate how hard or hilly it would be, the first 7 miles climbing up 1250 ft of elevation, with a few 15-17% inclines thrown in to top it off. At the 10 mile mark I new it was onto a rolling stretch but there was serious headwind for the next 10 miles followed by more climbs!!!! The second lap of the course felt better now I know what to expect and completed the bike section in 4hrs 5 mins.

Then on to the run, oh how I hate the run, my weakest aspect of Triathlon, and it was two 10 km laps of flattish (expect for two 10% inclines over bridges for 100 metres). I was doing ok until the 15km mark where my legs started to get really tired, and my pace slowed down, ending in my slowst half marathon time yet of 2 hrs 21 mins.


Total time for the Triathlon 1.2 mile swim, 66 mile cycle and 13.2 mile run was 7hrs 18 mins, (I had hoped for 7 hrs).


Over all a great event, and beautiful scenery on the swim and bike section (the run was pretty boring as hedges and road on the one side and sea on the other.