2xu Long distance Triathlon suit - 10/10

By PaulChristie on 02 January 2013

I bought this Trisuit as I had registered for a number of middle and long distance triathlons, and wanted the extra padding, and this Trisuit has now become my favourite, superb quality, comfort and perfomance all round!!!
Swimming – Performs excellent and really comfortable with no drag, rubbing or discomfort –10/10
Running –Excellent performance and really comfortable with no rubbing or discomfort, there’s no movement at all, it fits like a 2nd skin – 10/10
Cycling -  I use this as for any long distance cycle, ranging 50-100 miles and no discomfort at all – 10/10

Overall an easy 10/10, rear pockets are ideal for holdin essential fuel and the padding makes a huge difference on longer cycles.